Make a Major Life Change by Reading a Great Book

Ever since I’ve been old enough to read, I’ve found that one of the best experiences in life is to find a comfortable, quiet spot where I can be sure I won’t be interrupted for a couple of hours, and curl up with a good book. No matter what stresses or struggles I may be confronted with, books have the power to transport me to my own special place, leaving me free to interpret the author’s message without interference from the outside world. From books, I have learned many valuable life lessons as well as being able to discover different lands or cultures that I may not have otherwise be able to experience.

The great thing about books is that no matter where you are, or whatever your current circumstances might be, you can use the power of words to initiate a life change. One of the most prominent examples is the story of Abraham Lincoln. While growing up in a log cabin, without access to the type of education that we often take for granted today, through reading books he was able to transform himself from a backwoodsman without much of a future to becoming a successful lawyer, and eventually, one of the most influential presidents in United States history.

From my own experience, I have realized that there is nothing I cannot learn just by picking up a book. I have discovered that if I need to perform a basic household repair that I don’t have the expertise for, a how-to book can provide me with step-by-step instructions as to how to complete the task as easily as possible. And if I want to learn how to model an aspect of my life after a successful person, I can always find a biography that details how the person reinvented himself through a life change.

Today, whenever I feel the need to make any life change, my first step is always to pick up a book.

Want a place to start !!! — check out Ryan Holiday’s reading list.


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